Altered Roots is a four and sometimes five-piece Americana band that blends a variety of genres into their performances, including Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Pop, Blues, Country and Originals. The band consists of Kenny Karr, a multi-instrumentalist who sings lead/harmonies, plays guitar, harmonica and foot-drums, Sarah Cass, a female vocalist who sings lead/harmonies, Bob Zimmerman, a bass player who also plays mandolin, and Rita Liebel, who plays drums/percussion.
Kenny & Sarah also take their show on the road as an acoustic duo, and Kenny plays solo gigs at smaller venues.
Their bi-line, "Americana Re-Arranged", exemplifies their style of creating unique arrangements of past and present music, separating  them from a typical cover band. 
Each member of Altered Roots comes from different parts of the country, having their own individual roots and backgrounds in various styles of music and life. Their separate musical journeys have merged together to form their unique sound and style.

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