Kenny Karr - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Foot Drums/Harmonica
Growing up in a small town in Texas, Kenny began playing music from Singer/Songwriters like Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and others in the mid 70's after seeing the success his older cousin was having playing bars in east Texas, while in College. He's been playing, singing and writing music ever since. Kenny played guitar, bass and vocals in several Country and Southern Rock Bands while living in Texas in the mid 80's. When he moved to Central Florida, he branched out into Folk, Rock, Blues and Singer/Songwriter styles of music as part of the band 'Proper People' from 2009 to 2012.
After moving to south Florida in 2012, he concentrated on getting his fitness business up and running, putting his music aside.
Eager to get back into the music scene, in 2014 Kenny began searching for musicians to form a new band that would be similar in style to the band he left behind in Orlando, but have it's own identity and uniqueness. The result of that search is his newly fo
rmed band Altered Roots.

Sarah Cass - Vocals

From the moment she joined school choir in third grade, Sarah has not stopped singing. At 14 she began professional voice lessons to hone the craft she loved. Concurrently, she was accepted into the Connecticut Children’s Chorus and regularly performed with the Hartford symphony, Hartt School, and numerous other professional musicians.  She also lead her school’s vocal jazz quintet and did regular solo work with the school’s jazz band.

In 2005, Sarah set out to pursue a career in Music Education at the University of Connecticut. After much deliberation she instead completed an English degree with a music minor and went on to finish a Master’s in education and become a secondary English teacher. She did not stop singing though!  Sarah attributes her affinity for harmonies to her experience working with several different A Cappella groups whom she also arranged music for (yes - it was a little bit like Pitch Perfect). 

Sarah currently works in yacht sales, and in her spare time enjoys performing with local bands whose styles range from Rock, contemporary, and jazz, to country.  Always on the lookout for a new experience she discovered Altered Roots in 2018. The style, philosophy and sound of the group were a great match – a perfect fit.

Bob Zimmerman - Bass/Mandolin
Bob hails from Lake Worth Florida and began his adventure in music in 1967 learning the drums. He added guitar in 1970 and has kept playing ever since in a wide variety of genres and instruments. As an orchestral percussionist he earned a B.A. in Music Theory from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Since then he has played in cover bands and praise bands including a three year stint playing drums at a Brazilian Church. Bob also spent many years in the computer field then switched gears in 2004 earning an MLIS and becoming a Librarian, his current “day job.”
Bob joined Altered Roots in 2014 after he and Kenny discovered each other on Craigslist. They were both looking for the same type of band! He especially clicked with Kenny’s idea for doing a wide variety of songs but doing them differently based on the musical “roots” of the members. As a member, Bob mostly takes care of the low side of the musical equation on acoustic bass guitar or bass ukulele. But, like the mad Scientist he is at heart, Bob continually experiments so now you might see him on tenor banjo or mandolin as well!

Yordi Garcia - Lead Guitar

 Yordi's musical journey started in Havana, Cuba, where he grew up listening to classic rock, blues, jazz and country. His father was a music lover and taught him how to play guitar when he was around 14 years old. Taking his music seriously, Yordi went to music school to pursue his dream, and in 2003 graduated from the Conservatory of Music “Amadeo Roldan” and soon after started playing with some of the most important bands and songwriters in Havana like Frank Delgado and David Torrens. After moving to Florida, and making Miami his home from 2011 to 2014, Yori played guitar in several Latin, Rock & Roll and Jazz bands. In January 2019, after auditioning for Altered Roots, he was quoted as saying "playing guitar for Altered Roots is one of the most interesting and exciting experiences I’ve ever had!"